Private Bank Loft Limited: KONIROW Art Exhibition

KONIROW's art works in pursuit of their own style under the theme of nature and civilization, such as illustrations and murals, live painting, etc. are on display only at HATCHi Kanazawa Private Bank Private Loft Room.

Be sure to enjoy KONIROW art at HATCHi, which belongs to the super-site-based live paint group “OT29” and expands its activities not only in Kyoto, but throughout the world.

[KONIROW art exhibition]
Exhibition period: September 17, 2019-* The deadline is currently undecided
Location: HATCHi Kanazawa / Private Bank, Private Loft

* This will be a special exhibition in a guest-only space.
Please refrain from non-guests. Please understand.

[Overseas activities] 100 Japanese artist exhibition [WE] Exhibition, at Pleiades Gallery / USA, New York, 2018
[Mural Painting] HLNA Expo City Mural / Osaka: 2017 Takahito Shinmachi / 2018
[Exhibition] KONIROW ARTWORKSNEXHIBITION2018 Fujii Daimaru 7F GALLERY etc.
There are many other activities.
Please see the official website below for details.

▼ KONIROW Official Website ▼

・ Contact:
・ Instagram /#konirow


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