Welcome to Hokuriku

With rich food and nature, there remains a historical culture and numerous traditional businesses passed down over time.​ ​
HATCHi is the gateway to this attractive Hokuriku area, a renovated hotel in Kanazawa.​ ​

We regularly focus on famous places around the Hokuriku area, the people, culture and businesses.​ ​
From a life sized point of view, we would like to express the entire hotel.​ ​
With each visit to the hotel, you can enjoy the small changes with the guest rooms, dining room, shops and exhibits.​ ​

With this opportunity, we'd like to welcome and invite tourists deeply into the Hokuriku area.​ ​
Our concept is Origins of the Hokuriku area.
Please look forward to the special journey that starts here.

Project Members

Planning · operation · design supervision ​ ​ReBITA inc.
Design and supervision Collection of planning factory Co., Ltd.
Supervision of lighting design Sirius Lighting Office, Limited
Interior design (food and drink) ENN limited company
Graphic Designer Daijiro Ohara (omomma)
Material direction Ikusu Corporation
Art / craftwork production Kamikaze Nagemon kiln
Momentum factory limited company Orii
Nagata Paper Mills Co., Ltd.
Matsui Machinery Co., Ltd.
Food supervision and operation HUM & Go # Omame
ENN limited company
Merchandise selection [g] ift Co., Ltd. Arts
Planting selection BOWS & SCAPES
Content direction cooperation Noechika Co., Ltd.
Construction Nagasaka group
Egg Corporation
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