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[End] Making rabbit chicks with wool felt experience classroom February 17, 2020 (Monday)

We welcome Dr. Tomoko Tamayama from yoomoo felt works tama, who has an atelier in Nanae Town.
We create original rabbit chicks made of wool felt, the only one in the world.

Needle felt method of sticking and hardening fluffy wool with a special needle
We make "Rabbit chicks" with lovely silhouettes.
For the kimono part, mix hand-dyed wool and make your favorite color and enjoy.
Teachers can prepare kits that have been devised, so even beginners can participate with confidence.



[End] How de's & Koppen Dochi in HakoBA Hakodate February 8-9, 2020

Open in Kisonai Town Road Station "Misogi no Sato Kikonai"

The famous Italian restaurant “Doan de's” and the salted bread shop “Coppen Dodo” that can be in line

We will open a store in HakoBA for 2 days only! !

On the first day, the restaurant space offers appetizers, dishes and wine at dinnertime.

Winter fireworks are also held from 20:00. Enjoy delicious food and wine in the exclusive seats for fireworks viewing.

At the same time, we sell popular salt bread.

On the second day, we will hold a "cooking class" where the chef of Doanan de's can directly teach you the pasta offered at the shop.

This will also sell salt bread at the same time.

It is a unique opportunity to enjoy the taste of a famous restaurant in Hakodate and enjoy it at home.

Please come to HakoBA Hakodate with your friends.


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