About Go To Travel Campaign

Thank you for visiting our hotel.

Revita Co., Ltd., which operates THE SHARE HOTELS, has been approved as a target operator of the Go To Travel Campaign.
*Go To Travel Secretariat's website "List of Accommodation Operators" does not show "HATCHi Kanazawa by THE SHARE HOTELS" but the name of the operating operator "REBITA" (Tokyo).

For reservations from official reservation websites, telephone reservations, or reservation websites that do not sell GoTo Travel discount plans*, the equivalent amount of the discount will be refunded by applying after staying until August 31, 2020. I will. *Applicable only when paying directly to our hotel.

Please see the Go To Travel Secretariat website for details on the refund procedure.

Please note that we are currently preparing the sale of the Go To Travel Campaign Discount Plan on our official reservation site.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but we kindly ask you to wait for a while until the sales start.

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