[End] 12/14 (Sat) New Year's decoration workshop at HATCHi

The place to leave in 2019 is about another month.
Would you like to start preparing for the New Year?

The classic gorgeous New Year's decorations are also wonderful, but at HATCHi, a decoration workshop featuring dried flowers that can be enjoyed during the winter according to the atmosphere of your home will be held.

Let's make handmade New Year decorations with the feeling of a new year!

* Since all seats are full, reception has ended (as of December 1)

[New Year decoration workshop at HATCHi]
Date and time: ①December 14 (Sat) ①13: 00 ②15: 30 Held twice
Capacity: 8 people / time
Price: Lease 3.500 yen (tax included) (size L44 × W20cm)
1 drink included (ordered at HATCHi cafe HUM & GO)
Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

* Image is for reference only
Materials to be prepared on the day vary depending on purchases

<Lecturer Profile>
Yumi Uchida
Florist & Coordinator
At Chuo-dori-cho Yodogawa florist "Nyuage", he is engaged in a variety of things, from bridal and display space decoration to flower gifts that connect feelings.

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