[Postponement (timing undecided)] 3/28 Silent Cinema [silence screening]

* This event has been postponed (timing undecided). Details will be announced as soon as they are decided (2020.3 / 3)


This spring RAKURO Kyoto will hold a movie screening event.

We look forward to your participation.


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In 2020, utilizing various places in Kyoto,
Launches the movie screening organization "Kyoto Film Ichiza".

The concept of the troupe is
Creating a “cinema for adults” where “people”, “places” and “experiences” intersect.
We are planning to hold screenings around various parts of Kyoto.


~ "Kyoto Movie Iza" concept ~
The places I wanted to go, delicious food, fun liquor, the people I wanted to meet.
I want to be excited.
A place where a variety of people with different reasons come and go, centering around movies.
If "people", "places" and "experiences"
Movies should be more free.


~ Outline of the screening ~
The theme of the first screening is "Silence screening".
Since this will be a screening using silent equipment (headphones),

This means that events can be held even in places like this, where you can't usually make sound or show a movie.

In addition, since the movie is viewed through headphones, the unique immersive feeling and the exciting feeling that the movie can be enjoyed at venues where you can not usually watch the movie will be an attractive screening event.
In this Silent Cinema, in addition to screenings, talk events with guests,

We would like to hold an exchange meeting between participants while eating and drinking, and provide many people with connections between people, places, and experiences.

* Currently trying to raise funds for this event by friend funding "polca" *
I am glad if you can support us ♪



【Date and time】

March 28, 2020 (Sat)

Screening work THE GUILTY / Guilty (about 90 minutes)

1 copy

13:30 OPEN
14:00 START〜 17: 00CLOSE

2 copies

18:30 OPEN
19:00 START〜 20:00 CLOSE


1st: 14: 00 ~ 17: 00
1 copy (capacity: 50 people)
13: 30 ~ Reception
14: 00 ~ Screening starts (about 90 minutes)
15: 30 ~ 16: 00 Talk Live
Talk theme: (temporary) work with Kyoto and me
* Guests are currently adjusting (released after confirmation)
16: 00 ~ 17: 00 Exchange party
17:00 end

2nd: 19: 00-22: 00
2 copies (capacity 50)
18: 30 ~ Reception
19: 00- Screening starts (about 90 minutes)
20: 30 ~ 21: 00 Talk Live
Talk theme: Work with Kyoto and me
* Guests are currently adjusting (released after confirmation)
21: 00 ~ 22: 00 Exchange party
22:00 end


【Entry fee】

Advance ticket 2,500 yen (with 1 drink)
On the day ticket 2,800 yen (with 1 drink)
* Each meal is at your own expense.

Please pay the participation fee at the venue reception on the day of the event.
Customers who apply for the following Peatix are eligible for "advance tickets".

[Ticket site]
* Event attendees must apply through this "ticket site".

(If you apply for a ticket site, it will be "advance ticket price".)



[About meals]
It can be purchased at the "Tsunag ~ Cafe Kitchen Bar ~" in the venue.
Tsunagu is the third restaurant of LINK, a popular restaurant in Kyoto famous for its fried chicken and highball. The concept of Tsunagu is to connect ("tsunagu" in Japanese) and link people, time, and happiness through food.​ ​
Tsunagu's advertising menu is the savory fried chicken, made using domestic chicken marinated with a special recipe of herbs and spices and cooked to perfection at an extremely low temperature.

In addition, we prepare various original dishes using ingredients that are particular about local production for local consumption, and a standard alcohol menu of "Link".



Kyoto Film Ichiza Co-Representative
・ Nobuto Utsunomiya (Kyoto Film Center Secretary General)
・ Tatsuya Numata (Bejikafu 'wo's owner)



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