Go To Travel Campaign Discount Plan Sales

Thank you for using HATCHi Kanazawa by THE SHARE HOTELS.

On September 7, we started selling the Go To Travel Campaign Discount Plan on the official reservation site.
Guests staying until check-out on February 1, 2021 are eligible. (As of September 7)

The official reservation site can be accessed by searching the bottom of this website.
(In the mobile version, tap the "RESERVATION" button in the upper right to search for vacant rooms.)

1. Select the target plan
Plans with the [Go To Travel Target Plan: Up to 35% discount from the list price] icon are eligible for the discount.

2. Consent to Go To Travel Confirmation
When you select an eligible plan, confirmation items regarding the use of the Go To Travel Discount application plan will be displayed on the reservation information input page.
Please confirm the contents and check the agreement.

3. Check the discount amount
If you agree with the confirmation items, the discounted rate will be displayed in the room rate. Please use the discount application fee for online payment or local payment.
* Customers do not need to apply by themselves.

・Customers who have made a reservation on the official reservation site before the sale of the discount plan and wish to apply the discount will be kindly requested.
・ The Go To Travel Campaign discount plan cannot be changed after booking. If you want to change it, please make a reservation again.
・ The Go To Travel Campaign discount plan only accepts reservations from the official reservation site. Please note that the discount does not apply to reservations made by phone or email.
・ When using the Go To Travel Campaign, it is mandatory to verify the identity of all guests (present their ID) at check-in. Don't forget to bring a document that confirms your name and address. If the guest's place of residence is found to be in an area not covered by Go To Travel, the discount will not be applied. Please be aware that if even one person is included in the non-eligible area, the full discount will not be applied, including the accompanying person.
* Please check here for the documents required for identity verification.
・ The period covered by the Go To Travel Campaign is until January 31, 2021 (checkout on February 1). You can select the Go To Travel Discount applicable plan even on dates outside the applicable period, but please note that it is not eligible for the discount.
・ Depending on the usage situation, the discount plan may be discontinued without notice.
・ Distribution time of regional coupons is undecided. Please check the official Go To Travel website for more information.

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