From 7:00 to 11:00 Limited Shower (with towel) & share lounge use 1000 yen campaign started

In response to a request from a customer who arrives in Kanazawa early in the morning and wants to relax a little in the morning, a shower with a discount ticket for Cafe HUM&Go# attached to HATCHi Kanazawa is available from 3/23 to 7:00-11:00 (Towel included) & 1000 yen campaign for share lounge use

You can take a shower in the morning to refresh yourself ◎
Wi-Fi & outlets can be used, so PC work before work is also available ◎
Bake bread with a shared kitchen toaster like spending at home, and make a simple breakfast using the ingredients you brought ◎
It is also possible to make a future plan while relaxing on the sofa of the share lounge with a travel magazine ◎

Please spend your time in HATCi Kanazawa freely.

In addition, this campaign is also available to customers other than accommodation.
If you wish to use it, please accept and pay at the front desk.

★ Limited from 7:00 to 11:00 Shower (with towel) & share lounge 1000 yen campaign

[Start date] March 23, 2020
[Use time] From 7:00 to 11:00
[Fee] 1000 yen per person (including towel fee/tax included) + discount ticket gift for Cafe HUM&Go#
[Use place] B1 floor: shared lounge, shower room, shared kitchen
*If you are using a cafe, you can use the cafe space on the 1st floor, but please refrain from bringing in food and drinks other than HUM&Go#.
Please bring your own food and drink in the shared kitchen.

* Shared kitchens are not allowed to be used as rental spaces such as cooking classes and preparation.
If such a situation is discovered, please pay separately as rental space fee.

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