business hours:
aka Breakfast 7: 00-9: 00
Until 21 o'clock on the day before reservation required
Dinner from 17: 00-23: 00
Phone: +81-76-255-0208
No Holidays
Number of seats: 28 seats

HUM & GO 8: 00-18: 00
Phone: +81-76-255-0207
No Fixed Holidays
Number of seats: 42 seats
We are a source of sending out new food culture of Hokuriku. The restaurant that represents Kanazawa, a.k.a. was reestablished and the popular coffee stand, HUM&GO# opened their new store here.



Phone: +81-76-255-0208

Phone: +81-76-255-0208

aka is a dining room on the first floor of THE SHARE HOTELS HATCHi.

In the morning, you can choose from two types of breakfast, mainly Japanese-style, and in the evening, it becomes a casual dining room based on Western food.
It is an open space that can be used in a variety of ways, such as large tables, counters, and seats, as a place for communication among guests and local people.
Use of food only is also welcome. We look forward to welcoming everyone.

Breakfast 7: 00-9: 00


○ Kanazawa Morning Gozen 1600 yen
Grilled fish / Vinegared products / Boiled vegetables / Fragrance / Frozen / Tsutsumi rice / Hot spring egg / Oita / Miso soup

○ Odds the breakfast 900 yen
3 varieties of small bowls / fragrances / rice / miso soup

Dinner from 17: 00-23: 00


The night menu is supervised by affiliated store "LUGU" Ito chef in the main town on your head.
As a western-based dining room, the food that is also particular about the local ingredients is a refined dish that seems to be born as a "meeting".
It can be used in a variety of stutuations, such as counters, table seats and banquets.

Single dish

Ratatouille 600 yen
Deep-fried set meal 1,300 yen
Roast beef 800 yen
Fresh fish carpaccio 850 yen
Pork shoulder loin confit 1,500 yen

※ This is a part of the menu.



Phone: +81-76-255-0207

Phone: +81-76-255-0207


"Traveling requires a nice cup of coffee". Whether you are planning your trip or enjoying time after a local feast, coffee surely plays an important role. Specialty coffee as well as various beverages and food that goes perfect with our drinks are available to provide comfort to your travels.​ ​

Breakfast 8: 00-11: 00

Muffin of the day morning set 500 yen
Kish Morning Set for the day 680 yen
Lasagna Morning Set 780 yen

(With drinks such as coffee and tea)

Lunch 11: 00-14: 00

Quiche lunch set: 780 yen
Lasagna lunch set: 880 yen

(With salad and drink)

Various drinks SWEETS 8: 00-17: 30

HUM & Go # Blend Coffee HOT 420 yen ICE 520 yen
Single origin coffee HOT 500 yen ICE 600 yen
Cafe au lait 480 yen

Organic Japanese tea ¥ 480
Organic herb tea 480 yen
Organic green tea ¥ 480

Ouch Noto Shio Cider 400 yen
Kanazawa Yu-boo Cider Yuzu Otome 400 yen

Cookie & Brownie 250 yen
Muffin of the day 300 yen
New York cheese cake 450 yen

Kanazawa rare stick tea with soft gold leaf 650 yen
Kanazawa rare stick tea soft 450 yen

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