[Latest information] New coronavirus infection control measures

Thank you for using TSUGU Kyoto Sanjo.

With the spread of the new coronavirus, each THE SHARE HOTELS store is implementing infection control measures while closely sharing information with Keio Group Hotel companies.

① Installation of alcohol disinfectant in each store
② Small alcohol disinfection of common areas, front counters, elevator buttons, etc.
③ Cancellation or postponement of sponsored events
④ Buffet style breakfast changed to set menu
(5) Thoroughly wear masks, gargling hands, and disinfect alcohol while staff are engaged in customer service.
⑥ Requests for cleaning workers and workers to wear masks and disinfect their hands
⑦ In order to avoid the risk of transmission between employees, consider not to be in the same space unnecessarily.
⑧ If an employee has a fever (more than 37.5 degrees), please contact the manager and wait at home
(9) Enlighten people to refrain from taking part in meetings and events where the unspecified number of people gather during non-working hours as much as possible and prevent infection.
⑩ Thorough reporting when employees' families are examined

In addition, TSUGU Kyoto Sanjo offers the following support.

・ 4th floor [living room + kitchen] is suspended.
・ 1st floor restaurant "coffee and wine ushiro" will be temporarily closed from Thursday, April 16 for the time being.

Customers who have already booked for the breakfast plan will be charged the breakfast fee at check-in minus 1,600 yen / person (tax included).

・ "Johnbull Private labo Kyoto store" will be temporarily closed from Wednesday, April 15 for the time being. In addition, we have decided to stop selling the mask and cancel the MARCHER pop-up (April 17th to April 26th).

Regarding the reopening of each store's business, we will take into consideration the future situation and make a judgment in consideration of the health and safety aspects of customers and staff, and we will inform you again on this site and the following sites.

coffee and wine ushiro Instagram
Johnbull online store home page
Johnbull Kyoto store Instagram

We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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