"Hokuriku Keigo Uede / Hajime Kimura in Setouchi" POP UP SHOP

Here is Kyoto Sanjo, drawn as the starting point / end point of Tokaido.A place where many people and things have come together to create a new culture. With these backgrounds in mind, TSUGUAt Kyoto Sanjo, we will hold a pop-up shop that gathers the charms of local Japan at "SHOW CASE" in the lobby on the 1st floor.

This time, we will hold a pop-up shop "Hokuriku Keigo Uede / Hajime Kimura in Setouchi" by a writer who succeeds Kutani ware and Bizen ware.
Even though they are of the same age, they are two people who inherit the pot at different production areas. Please take a look at a number of contrasting vessels such as techniques and approaches.


Time | 7: 00-23: 00
Exhibited Artists | Kotogo Satoru (Kutani Yaki Kamide Nagatoemon), Kimura Akira (Bizen Yaki Ichiyo)
Place | TSUGU Kyoto Sanjo 1F "SHOW CASE"
Sanjo-doriyanagi Baba Nishiirisuyacho, Chukyo-ku, Kyoto City 75


【Artist's Profile】
Keigo Kaede / Kamide Nagaemon
Born in 1981 in Ishikawa Prefecture, in 2006 graduated from Tokyo Metropolitan University of Fine Arts, Department of Painting and Oil Painting. From the same year, he is involved in planning and design with craftsmen as a successor to Kade Nagatoemon, which is Kutani shochu origin founded in 1879 (Meiji 12). Engaged in full-scale management of Sakai on the occasion of the establishment of joint company Kaede in 2014. While aiming for a universal and expressive expression, Kutani ware is transmitted with a flexible idea that does not fit into tradition. In addition, as an individual, I make works using porcelain as a material.

Jun Kimura Hajime KIMURA / Ichiyoan
Born in 1976 in Bizen, Okayama Prefecture. He started ceramic art with his father, Hirosumi Kimura, at Iyoo Pass, which inherits the tradition of the Kimura family, which is one of the Bizen shochu original sexities that has continued since the Muromachi period. 2012, 2014 Setouchi Life Craft Festival, 29th Craft Fair Matsumoto, 2nd to 8th Field of Craft Kurashiki, 2016 OKAYAMA AWARD Award. In Ichiyosu, we keep plowing twice a year and half a day. There is an open space so that you can visit the temple or the adjacent studio anytime.

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