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This is Kyoto Sanjo, once drawn as the starting point / last point of the 53 stations on the Tokaido.
A place where people from all over the country gathered to create a new culture.

Based on this context, we will develop various content with local players all over Japan.
Our work brings new impetus to the city of Kyoto,
I think that it would be an opportunity to travel to the attractive local Japan for the people who visit here.

This building is the former Nippon Life Kyoto Sanjo Building with some registered tangible cultural property.
The design of the building part of the cultural property part, which was started in 1895 and completed in 1914, is the appearance of making the outer wall a stone, etc. at the Hino-Kataoka architecture office led by Hino Kimura known at Tokyo Station The style is well expressed. Currently, there is one span of the office building facing Yanagibaba-dori, which has been demolished in 1983, leaving the part in place, and the office building has been expanded.

Nippon Life Kyoto Sanjo Building 1914 (Taisho 3)
Registered tangible cultural property
Design: Hino and Kataoka Architecture Office
Construction: Kazuyuki Yamamoto

Project Members

Overall Production Livita Corporation
Tenant (Apparel) John Bull Corporation
Tenant (CAFE & BAR) Kinoshita Shoten Co., Ltd.
General Designer Coto Co., Ltd.
Common area design, guest room design cooperation YUSUKE SEKI
Graphic Designer Takayama Co., Ltd.
Planting Co., Ltd.
Uniform design · production makerhood / Maker Hood (John Bull Co., Ltd.)
artwork Yamashiro Daisuke
Curated content planning Kentaro Takayama (Noetica Inc.)
Construction Company Ishiguro Construction Co., Ltd.
FF & E design supervision seventh-code Co., Ltd.
Atelier Loöwe Co., Ltd.
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