9/7 – 9/28 AIUEO POP UP SHOP


A miscellaneous goods brand "AIUEO" that is making things in Kyoto
Even if there are miscellaneous goods, the products created under the theme of "Happy from you" are
It's designed to be something that is worth as much as diamond for someone.

In addition, the AIUEO Kyoto Project, which started in 2020, is taking a new approach to the culture and traditions of Kyoto from the perspective of the AIUEO's unique “cuteness”.

RAKURO collects various items such as fans and pouch bags that are easy to pick up as gifts.
For a limited time, please stop by when you are near you.


Event period September 7, 2020 (Monday)-September 28, 2020 (Monday)
Business hours 9: 00-22: 00
Place RAKURO Kyoto 1F Entrance

* There is a possibility that the opening time will be around the first day only.

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