[End] Christmas limited party barrel

Hello. It's finally December.
December is Christmas! How are you going to spend?
RAKURO Kyoto is also preparing for Christmas.
In addition to the Christmas tree, the front desk was decorated with various decorations!
A special accommodation plan is also available along with Christmas.
“Plan with a party party”, so that even a small group can enjoy it,
We have prepared three types: “Slightly Party Pack with Plan” and “Christmas Limited ☆ Sparkling Wine White in Room”!
All plans are valid for stays between 12 / 22-25 and reservations are accepted until 12/21.

In addition, reservations can be made by people other than the plan and non-hotel guests.

While eating delicious fried chicken from the on-site restaurant TSUNAGU,
Why don't you have a nice Christmas while drinking delicious sparkling wine?
Please check it!

12/22/2019 (sun)-12/25 (wed)

★ Gutsuri Party Barrel
・ Christmas chicken with extra large bones 1P
・ Boneless peach 3P
・ Mune 2P
・ Wings 2P
・ Wings 2P

Total 10P 3,200 yen (tax included)

★ A little party pack
・ Christmas chicken with extra large bones 1P
・ Homemade chicken nuggets
・ Octopus Wiener

¥ 2,000 (tax included)

The Christmas pack is fully reserved up to 3 days prior to receipt.
Orders can be placed by phone or the following email address.

②Receiving time
③ Order menu
④ Quantity
⑤Name (If you are staying, the name of the representative and the date of stay)
⑥ Telephone number
Please contact us after clearly specifying.

TEL: 075 221 0960
MAIL: rakuro@thesharehotels.com

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