Hours: 7: 00-23: 00 (Lo 22: 30)
Morning: 7: 00-11: 00 (Lo. 10: 30)
Phone: +81-75-231-7737 Number of seats / 50 seats / irregular holiday



​ ​Phone +81-75-231-7737

​ ​Phone +81-75-231-7737

Tsunagu is the third restaurant of LINK, a popular restaurant in Kyoto famous for its fried chicken and highball. The concept of Tsunagu is to connect ("tsunagu" in Japanese) and link people, time, and happiness through food.​ ​
Tsunagu's advertising menu is the savory fried chicken, made using domestic chicken marinated with a special recipe of herbs and spices and cooked to perfection at an extremely low temperature.Other dishes on the menu include original dishes that are particular in local production and local consumption as well as the standards on LINK's alcoholic drink menu are available.


Hours: 7: 00-11: 00 (10: 30 Lo)

Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (Final call: 10:30 a.m.) We serve a standard menu of Kyoto-style meal with the regional specialty, Kyoto-style grilled fish and two types of light Kyoto-style home cooking. We also offer our Egg Over Rice Meal comes with five types of condiments and served using eggs with a light sweetness in the yolk, made from chickens raised free range in Kyoto. Takeout is available for our special chicken sandwiches.

○Kyoto-Style Meal *Reservations for the Kyoto-Style Meal must be made one day prior. Kyoto-style grilled fish, Kyoto-style tofu, Kyoto-style pickled vegetables, Kyoto-style home cooking with boiled vegetables and marinated food, miso soup, and rice.

○Tamagokake Meal (Egg Over Rice Meal)
-Uses eggs made from chicken raised free range in Kyoto. The richness and deliciousness of the ingredients can be enjoyed without soy sauce.
-Enjoy your original egg over rice with a combination of five types of condiments.​ ​

○Types of Chicken Sandwiches (Takeout available)
- Chicken Cutlet Sandwich - Mayonnaise Chicken Tender Focaccia Sandwich - Minced Local Chicken Cutlet Dog - Fried Chicken with Vinegar and Tartar Sauce Sandwich and more

Cafe / kitchen / bar

Hours: 11: 00-23: 00 (22: 30 Lo)

The menu is centered around LINK's famous fried chicken.
A variety of drinks are available including the extremely fizzy highball that has an excellent crisp and refreshing taste, draft wine made in Japan, and draft beer.

○The Famous Fried Chicken
The savory fried chicken cooked at an extremely low temperature of 145℃ is LINK's famed standard dish.
Chicken used here are all domestically raised.

○Super Fizzy Highball & Mega Highball
The highball here served at a high pressure from a highball server has a stimulating and refreshing taste. Goes excellently with chicken dishes.

○Draft Wine
The 100% made in Japan draft wine produced by Delaware goes well with the food culture of Kyoto. Enjoy draft wine poured directly from a special server.​ ​
Other selections are available with chicken dishes.
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