[End] 9/21 (Monday / Holiday) Sumida River Mini Marche Autumn Held | Kawaterasu

Fukagawa's popular Marche "Sumidagawa Marche" is coming as a mini Marche without losing to Corona.
It will be held here on September 21st (Monday and Holiday) at LYURO Tokyo Kiyosumi Kawaterasu.
It's an exciting minimalist that has good measures against infectious diseases and is fun with the shop staff.


1-1-7 Kiyosumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo LYURO Tokyo Kiyosumi Kawaterasu
* Kiyosu Bridge Higashizume
* It will be held up to 13:00 depending on the sales situation.
[Planning purpose]
There are still many new normal days in masks, hand washing, and social distance.
A disease that disrupts people's connections. That is one of the features of the new Corona.
Something that won't come off even if you wash your hands is born in our hearts. Isn't it a mental illness of "anxiety", "fear", "disgust", "prejudice", and "discrimination"?
Sumida River Marche aims to make connections between people.
So, in the world of breaking connections with Corona, we hold a small little Marche for a short time.
[About infection prevention measures]
■ Request to customers
1. 1. We ask you to measure your body temperature and disinfect your hands.
2. 2. Please wear a mask. If you do not bring it out, we will sell it at the reception at the actual cost.
3. 3. If Kawaterasu is crowded, admission may be restricted.
■ Correspondence of exhibitors and Marche executive committee
1. 1. Be sure to wear a mask.
2. 2. We will prepare hand sanitizer for each store.
3. 3. People who have been sick after checking their body temperature and physical condition for several days will not participate.
Sumida River Marche Executive Committee
Participation is open to non-staying guests, and admission is free.
Please drop in when you come to Kiyosumi Shirakawa.

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