[End] 9/5 (Sat) -9/30 (Wed) POP UP SHOP | OLD-FASHIONED STORE

POP UP shop for a limited time on the 1st floor of LYURO Tokyo KiyosumiExpand.


The OLD-FASHIONED STORE stores handkerchiefs, socks, and other items in your life that are closest to you in your daily life. Most of them are original products made by Japanese craftsmen who are particular about and proud of delicate handicrafts.
Personal items that are so close to us that we tend to overlook them, which we used a lot in the past but haven't been seen recently. We are re-proposing those values from a new perspective. We make such products that you can feel the merits of things you have never noticed or have forgotten. At the same time, we will continue to convey the background of our earnest manufacturing through the products that have been nurtured by the Japanese people.




The handkerchief has a certain technique hidden by many skilled craftsmen in its namelessness. In addition, there are many places that apply to the "folk art" advocated by Soetsu Yanagi, such as being practical, being easy to obtain, and being applicable in various ways.
The habit of having a handkerchief that is almost lost overseas and its sewing technique. The handkerchief culture that remains in Japan should be valued from a folk art perspective that matches the current era.

I would like to take this opportunity to visit LYURO Tokyo Kiyosumi.


OLD-FASHIONED STORE Official Site|https://old-fashioned.jp/

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