[End] November 9 (Sun)-November 30 (Sun) / "Wish You Were Here"-Postcard and Souvenir Project by YABAI YABAI

“Wish You Were Here” is a travel postcard and souvenir project by YABAI YABAI.​ ​

The project is made to bring an image to a memory for a traveler.​ ​

It will bring him back to a certain time, place, or feeling.


Travelers can take their time to write postcards at the table,

​ ​to be sent overseas or locally.

“Wish You Were Here” totebags are silkscreened by hand in limited copies only.


YABAI YABAI is a textile & graphic design brand by Stacy Tan.​ ​

The brand has a focus on handmade techniques and creates​ ​

with a sense of humour.​ ​


Stacy is a staff of LYURO and hopes that with this project,

it will draw a closer connection between Kiyosumi Shirakawa​ ​

and the guests.






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