【終了】Experience Japanese Flower Arrangement in English in August through October

Every Saturday 10:30-12:00 in August through October @ LYURO

Experience Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement also known as Way of the Flower) in English with a guidance of licensed instructor of Sogetsu school of Ikebana, Ms. Hamei Matsumoto

Instructor Ms.Hamei Matsumoto



August 3rd (Sat), 17th (Sat)

September 7th (Sat), 14th (Sat), 21st (Sat)

October 12th (Sat), 19th (Sat), 26th (Sat)

All days from 10:30 to 12:00



https://coubic.com/shoro_atelier/872556 (coubic link)


Charge: 1,500 JPY (tax included) per person with prior reservation   

2,000 JPY(tax included) per person walk in



During 90-minute workshop, you will actually arrange Ikebana at your own following the presentation of Basic Upright Style MORIBANA by the instructor. Plant materials, vases, Ikebana scissors, everything you need will be ready at the workshops. Anyone can join as the instructor will guide you step by step. Children who can use scissors alone safely can join.

Basic Upright Style

※Maximum participants who can experience IKEBANA at a time is 5

※You can also drop in without reservation; however, those with reservations will be given seats first.


What is IKEBANA?

Japan is blessed with changing seasons and plentiful flora. However, Ikebana isn’t about just arranging flowers beautifully. Ikebana is like the painting, expression of arts using plant materials. Plants materials are often perfectly beautiful in its natural states and what humans can do to reproduce it in another place? It starts from observing plant color, shape and texture. With help of the nature, man’s hand expresses artistic inspiration and make your own flower.


▼What do you do during the 90-minute experience?  

I will provide brief background of Ikebana, you will see my demonstration of how to install plant materials and learn tips, and then you will actually arrange Ikebana following the basic upright style MORIBANA.

All tools materials ready


What you will find?

You will be touched with depth and breadth of Ikebana, also known as Way of the Flower. Zen teaching have heavily influenced Ikebana and rustic simplicity that Zen elevated as arts in forms of not only Ikebana but also other Japanese traditional arts such as tea ceremony and garden. Through experiencing arranging seasonal plant materials according principle of Ikebana, you will have deeper understanding on sense of beauty in Japan that is inherent in Japanese arts, architecture and traditional martial arts as well. Indeed, Ikebana shows you the way of life, and you may find an element of it during the experience! The experience will be memorable one for your stay in Japan : )


■Reservations can be made till two days before the workshop via the reservation link, after the cut off date, you can just walk in.

■Given the plant materials are purchased from a flower market in advance, there will be 100% of cancellation charge of 2 days prior to the day of your workshop. Also No-show will be 100 % charge : ( 

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