[End] August 4 (Sun)-August 31 (Wed) / AbetaKurama Drawing Exhibition – Awakening

When talking, there is no mind to move the mouth.

How about drawing a picture?

There is paper.

Bring out the paint.

I have a brush, but I do not want to draw anything.

Touch the paper with paint.

There is no concrete image.

The screen appears in front of your finger movement.

There is color and shape is born. You can also find something.

It may not make sense, but you may feel something.

It is interesting to draw a picture.



Abeta Kurama / Abeta Kurama

I grow up in an environment familiar with physical expression and performing arts from an early age.

Began producing chopsticks as an expression from the age of 17 and launched his own brand after entering school.

While currently working as a designer in a company, he started producing drawings in 2018.

Focusing on the process of drawing and making about 700 copies a year while exploring various expressions.

Held solo exhibitions in July and November, and worked on artist artwork, event visuals, etc.





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