[Ishikawa residents only] Information on local discount plans

【The Special Event! ]
Under the concept of “a place to“ pump ”the tradition of Kanazawa,
KUMU Kanazawa is spreading the charm of Kanazawa both at home and abroad.
With the hope that local people will rediscover such charm of Kanazawa through KUMU,
We have prepared a very affordable accommodation plan for those living in Ishikawa Prefecture.
Why do not you visit Kanazawa, which is getting warmer little by little, like a tourist?
You may come across new discoveries that you may not notice in your daily life.
Petite trip to local.
Please taste the extraordinary in everyday life at KUMU Kanazawa.
[Plan benefits]
・ Up to 30% off accommodation fee
・ KUMU 1F “TEA SALON KISSA & Co.” Welcome drink ticket
・ KUMU original goods gift (one per room)
[Notes on the plan]
Upon check-in, you will be asked to confirm your ID, etc., to confirm your current address.
For more information​ ​HerePlease refer to the.

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