WEEKEND LOUNGE “MUSIC & Co.” | Schedule for January 2020


Kumu Kanazawa on the weekend is on the music bar.

KUMU Kanazawa's tea salon KISSA & Co. changes its name to “MUSIC & Co.” every weekend, and provides a comfortable time with DJs and musicians who are widely active. There is no admission fee, so please feel free to drop in. In addition to alcohol, we also have tea and coffee ready!

We will provide you a pleasant bar time with local DJs every Friday and Saturday night. Its free entrance !! Enjoy your Kanazawa night at KUMU.


> January DJ schedule

1/4 (Sat) 20: 00-23: 00 HIDEYO BLACKMOON
1/11 (Sat) 20: 00-23: 00 Aerial swimming
1/12 (Sun) 13: 00-16: 00 SHAFTIĆ (JAZZY SPORT KANAZAWA)
1/18 (Sat) 20: 00-23: 00 YOSHIMITSU (SEL RECORDS)
1/25 (Sat) 20: 00-23: 00 BLACK SANTA

> Registration fee
Free * Drinks are cash on.

> Place
KUMU Kanazawa - THE SHARE HOTELS (2-40 Kamiizawa - machi, Kanazawa)


> DJ Profile

Born in Kanazawa.Step into the electronic music scene in the mid-1980s in TokyoPut, DJ / vocalist / composer /Active as a producer. For more than 10 years since the 2000s,America, South America, Europe, Eastern Europe,Australia, Africa, Asia, Russia, Turkey,After playing music around the world, including Israel,Currently based in Ibiza.Large global festivals such as Boom Festival and Burning ManRepeated appearances on Tibal every year,Japanese women artists who are internationally recognizedHe is also an Ionia. Also, three solo albums,Provision of songs for collaboration albums and other compilations,Repeated releases such as vocal participation in songs of other artistsing.http://hideyoblackmoon.com


Aerial swimming
I crossover in a genre-less unique world. Offering Mix to 'Soundcloud' of 'Yaogahara', holding a solo exhibition at Harajuku Bonobo, forming a settlement DOPENESS and B 2 B unit SEX BROTHERS.

Kanazawa branch of the female-friendly hardcore group "Jazzy Sport" who loves music and sports well. A member of "KOTO Project" that sends Kanazawa's OTO (sound), interesting KOTO (thing) from the ancient capital Kanazawa.

Producer / DJ with over 20 years career based in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, where he was born and raised. After returning to the United States in 1996, I participated in various parties and music projects inside and outside the prefecture and established SEL records in 2011. While releasing numerous MIXCDs and two singles vinylically, they also have their own regular party in DJ style full of record love at the picture at function-space, resident of Tasting and new town, select CDs offered to various shops, other artists' In addition to release of works with Remix and cassette tape, it has been continuously outputting original view of the world in free form such as activity at band SLEN recently.

DJ 25th anniversary of foundation. DJ playing from parties throughout Japan from north to south. I live in Kanazawa since 2013. In 2014 I toured the Mexico tour and gig in the six cities 7 times. Currently we are developing our own sound system for analog record playback.


▼ Past MUSIC & Co. sound source can be viewed from here. Please come and enjoy the atmosphere!

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