WEEKEND LOUNGE “MUSIC & Co.” | Schedule for December 2019


Kumu Kanazawa on the weekend is on the music bar.

KUMU Kanazawa's tea salon KISSA & Co. changes its name to “MUSIC & Co.” every weekend, and provides a comfortable time with DJs and musicians who are widely active. There is no admission fee, so please feel free to drop in. In addition to alcohol, we also have tea and coffee ready!

We will provide you a pleasant bar time with local DJs every Friday and Saturday night. Its free entrance !! Enjoy your Kanazawa night at KUMU.


> DJ schedule in December

12/7 (Sat) 20: 00-23: 00 KENJI HAMADA
12/14 (Sat) 20: 00-23: 00 MASARU FUKUSHIMA
12/21 (Sat) 20: 00-23: 00 U-1
12/22 (Sun) 13: 00-16: 00 MARUBORO
12/28 (Sat) 20: 00-23: 00 DOY (EVERYDAY RECORDS)

> Registration fee
Free * Drinks are cash on.

> Place
KUMU Kanazawa - THE SHARE HOTELS (2-40 Kamiizawa - machi, Kanazawa)


> DJ Profile

23 years of DJ history at Shiga cho in Hakui-gun. Hip-Hop, R & B, Japanese stuff, Jazz and so on. In addition to "Jazzpresso @ Manier", DJs are also held at Cafe and Bar events mainly in Hokuriku.

Acting mainly in Kanazawa city, Activity with outdoor, festivals, BAR etc. with record-only songs matching various genres to that place. Respect everything, people, nature and always remember thankfully I am constantly pursuing every day.

Born in 1969 and living in Kanazawa City Night playing enthusiast since the founding club where the club was able to do for the first time in Kanazawa. He likes music and has 29 years of DJ history as a hobby. Appearing at various parties and events with nearly free genre, crossover selection, with JAZZ as the axis.

Kanazawa city, Ishikawa prefecture / furniture shop / DJ / low-sky groove

A record · shop of Arimatsu of Kanazawa City, shop owner of Everyday · record. DJs in the event and music bar, music selection / appearances to radio / podcasts, selection of food to restaurants and hotels, various things like music.


▼ Past MUSIC & Co. sound source can be viewed from here. Please come and enjoy the atmosphere!

> EVENT list

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