10/31, 11/1 KUTANI SEAL Workshop


"KUTANI SEAL" is a tableware brand born from the idea of making Kutani ware, a traditional craft that represents Kaga in Ishikawa prefecture, more familiar.

At the workshop held at KUMU Kanazawa this time, you can easily make your own original Kutani ware by using the KUTANI SEAL original sticker, instead of "writing a picture" on the plate of Kutani ware. ..

We usually hold a workshop at Yaoyoroz Honpo in front of our sister store HATCHi Kanazawa, but this time we will have a business trip workshop to KUMU Kanazawa.

Please join us as a souvenir from Kanazawa with your family and friends.


《Workshop contents》

Using the KUTANI SEAL original sticker, anyone can easily make their own original Kutani ware by "sticking the sticker" on the flower-shaped vessel.

* The finished work will be fired in a kiln. It will be completed in about 1 month, so if you wish to deliver it, please pay the shipping fee separately. If shipping is not required, it will be delivered by KUMU.

Date and time | Saturday, October 31, 2020 1st 14: 00-15: 30 2nd 16: 30-18: 00

Sunday, November 1, 2020 1st 11: 00-12: 30 2nd 14: 00-15: 30

Capacity | 8 people each time

Price | Flower-shaped plate 3,250 yen (tax included) * KISSA & Co. Tea included.
* Payment will be made locally. BeforehandTicket for reservationPlease purchase only. Extra shipping

Place | KUMU Kanazawa by THE SHARE HOTELS 1F


Peatix advance reservation systemhttps://kutanisealinkumu.peatix.com/

* If there is a vacancy on the day, you can participate on the day.

In case of cancellation, please call KUMU Kanazawa. (☎076-282-9600)

<< Rendering of the work >> Flower-shaped plate φ120 × H20mm





Please check the following precautions from the preventive point of view regarding the spread of coronavirus infection and participate in this event.

* Please refrain from visiting if you have symptoms such as fever.

* Be sure to wear a mask and wash your hands with the alcohol disinfectant installed at the entrance of the venue.

* Please note that we may decide to cancel the event in a hurry in response to changes in the situation of the spread of infection.

  • Online reservations will be closed the day before the event. Reservations within 24 hours can be made by phone.
  • Please come 10 minutes before your reservation time.
  • The entry fee does not include shipping.
  • The target age is elementary school students and above. Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a guardian for the workshop.
  • The hotel does not have private parking. Please use public transportation or taxi.



A tableware brand born from the desire to bring Kutani ware, a high-class tableware from Kaga Hyakumangoku, closer to everyone.

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