[End] 7/24 Qure aromablend Fragrance Mist Workshop


Based in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, we are engaged in consulting and original products of space scent centering on custom-made fragrances using only natural essential oils.Qure aromablend

Normally, reservations are made only at the shops along Saikawa, but this time, we will hold a workshop at KUMU Kanazawa to create a fragrance mist that will allow you to feel the extraordinary space you spend at the hotel through the scent.

Choose your favorite scent using only natural essential oils, and you can create about 80 different scents of your own. Fragrance mist can be used as a germicidal spray for spaces and masks. This time, it is prepared in a size that is perfect for traveling and carrying.

There is no reservation system, so please come to the venue on the day.

DJ lounge from 19:00 on the same day"MUSIC & Co."Will also be held. Enjoy the music and the scent.


Date and time|July 24, 2020 (celebration, Friday) 18:00 to 22:00

place|KUMU Kanazawa 1F “TEA SALON KISSA & Co.” store

Entry fee|¥2,500 (Payment is by card/cash only.)
*People who are not staying can also participate, but please order drinks.

Contact Us|076-282-9600 KUMU Kanazawa

・Please wear a mask inside the building.
・Although it is not a reservation system, please note that the number of people may be temporarily limited if it is crowded.
・There is no parking lot, so please use nearby coin parking.
・Please bring an eco bag as it will be handed as it is.


Teacher Profile|Qure aromablend Akiko Ozawa

We are working on a consulting original product for the scent of space centered on a bespoke fragrance that uses only natural essential oils.

・Made to order fragrances... Made to order fragrances using only natural essential oils. Based on counseling, we propose personal fragrances that are close to each other.
・Consultation of scent of space…Direction of scent of corporate entrance/main floor. We plan innovative marketing that appeals to the five senses based on your request, job category, and size of space.
・Original products: Manufacture and sale of room fragrances, reed diffusers, blended essential oils, etc. Commercialize original items, products for companies and shops.
・AEAJ qualification (aromatherapy advisor/aroma blend designer)

info@qure-aromablend.com   Instagram: @qure.aromablend

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