This is a place that draws the traditions of Kanazawa.

Kanazawa is filled with rich Japanese samurai culture of Zen and tea ceremonies.

This hotel was established to connect this culture to the future.

The shared space opened to the public​ ​
will host many various events that feature craft artists, masters of tea ceremonies, tea masters and artists.

This is a place that draws the culture of Kanazawa.
We will continue to update traditional culture from the hotel standing on a global stage.

Project Members

Overall Production ​ ​ReBITA inc.
General Designer S · T Planning Co., Ltd.
Interior Designer YUSUKE SEKI
Graphic Designer Yoshihisa Tanaka
Art / Craftwork production Hanasuki / Hiro Kizutani / Atsunori Takamoto / Nerhol / Masaya Hashimoto / Yoko Yukawa, Keiichi Nakayasu
Art · Crafts supervision Kentaro Takayama (Noechika Co., Ltd.)
Eating and drinking supervision Omame (HUM & Go #)
Tea ceremony selection / production Yuichi Takemata
Selection of vessels Enigum
Uniform design · production Adachi Daigo
Fixture selection (3, 5 F TEA TABLE) Cazahana
Planting BOWS & SCAPES
Steel / Movie Shooting TOTEM
Construction Ishigu Construction Co., Ltd.
FF & E design supervision Seventh Code Co., Ltd.
Egg Corporation
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