KIRO Official Online Store New Product Information

This time, we have added items that can be purchased at the KIRO official online store.
We are now selling popular pouches and shoulder bags at our SHOWCASE site.

KIRO Hiroshima lounge bar "THE POOLSIDE" logo on the pouch
The shoulder bag has "Setouchi" typography as well as the T-shirt.
Both are designed by Daijiro Ohara, a graphic designer.

If you pick it up, it will surely be a refreshing item that will bring back memories of your trip in Setouchi.
Following the highly popular Setouchi T-shirt, please buy it together.

You can also get KIRO original pouch and shoulder bag on the online store.
There is “THE POOLSIDE” logo which comes from our lounge bar on the pouch, and the shoulder bag will make you feel “Setouchi”.

Designed by Daijiro Ohara.
Creating the Art Poster of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Both of items are refreshing design that remind you “Setouchi”.

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