Notice of KIRO Official Online Store Opening

We are pleased to announce the opening of KIRO Hiroshima's online store.
We want to deliver T-shirts that feel Setouchi rich in nature to more people.
The site was born from the strong feelings of such staff.

The logo design of the T-shirt is graphic of KIRO Hiroshima, and in the past, the record of Gen Hoshino,
Graphic designer Daijiro Ohara, who works on the official posters for Tokyo 2020.

You can also purchase all three colors handled at our SHOWCASE at our online store.

We launched the official online store.
We hope a lot of people will love our original T-shirt and feel “Setouchi”.

Designed by Daijiro Ohara.
Creating the Art Poster of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

You can get all sizes and colors on the online store.

▼ KIRO Hiroshima Official Online Store ▼

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