[End] 1/20 DOL! NK # 006 Song Shunfan x Shino Miura

"DOL! NK" is a series event in which local players and creators are invited from Uchi-Soto in Hiroshima and Setouchi area to have a theme talk while drinking with the audience. It is a popular talk event that has been held five times in Hiroshima city so far, starting in December 2018, all of which are thankful. The 6th event will be held at KIRO Hiroshima 3F THE POOLSIDE.

This time, she teaches at Yamaguchi University Graduate School (Uchi) and Yokohama National University Graduate School (Soto), and two members of the University of Tokyo Graduate School Alumni, Song Shun-Hwan and Shino Miura, will talk about urban design and area management. He will talk from the macro perspective from a researcher's point of view to the practice and reduction to the micro based on his experience.

If you wish to participate, please apply below.

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Date and Time | January 20 (Monday) 19: 30-21: 30

Venue | KIRO Hiroshima 3F THE POOLSIDE

Capacity | 40 people (advance reservation system. Applications by phone are not accepted)

Participation Fee | 2,000 yen with one drink (cash on after the second cup. 1,000 yen with one drink for students)

Organizer | CLS (DOL! NK Club)

Co-sponsored | City Shikoku Chapter

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