【終了】KIRO広島 開業1周年企画|THE SUPERIOR LABOR Concept Room

KIRO Hiroshima has a new room for a limited time with the concept of "THE SUPERIOR LABOR".
This time, special items such as cushions, rugs, slippers, pens, and leather trays will be installed in the guest room to create a space.
You can actually pick up the item and use it, as well as enjoy the brand-designed guest room.

As an accommodation benefit, one piece of engineer pouch (L26.5cm × H13.5cm × W6cm) made of No. 8 canvas will be given to each person.
As an additional option, you can also select and purchase original indoor slippers at the time of booking, so please consider this as well.
Also, during the same period, we are developing and selling Superior Labor Laboratories at SHOWCASE on the first floor.

▼ "THE SUPERIOR LABOR" concept room overview ▼

Accommodation period | September 12th (Sat) -November 20th (Fri)

Reservation acceptance period | September 1st (Tuesday) -November 19th (Thursday)
*Reservations can be made by phone, email, or on the official KIRO reservation site.

Room|STANDARD 4: Japanese-style

Capacity|1 room 1 to 2 people daily

THE SUPERIOR LABORhttps://nap-dog.com/ 
A studio renovated from an abandoned elementary school in the mountains of Kibi Chuocho, near the center of Okayama Prefecture.
THE SUPERIOR LABOR (= an excellent worker) who creates leather goods, canvas bags, etc. with original ideas and technologies.
In the early 1900s, "blue color" (=workers) was used to make things, which were made with MATERIAL (material), VISUAL&UTILITY (appearance and usefulness), HANDMADE (handmade), and MADE IN JAPAN (made in Japan). We develop products that can be used and are durable and lean.

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