Branch road to Setouchi Local

The Setouchi area is attractive for its abundant tourism resources and beautiful scenery.

Hiroshima, the largest city, is a city visited by many tourists from home and abroad.

We are based here, and we have events with local partners,
I would like to provide an opportunity to get to know the deeper Hiroshima and Setouchi areas.

We will branch your journey to local areas that do not rely on airplanes or bullet trains.

Project Members

Planning, production and management Livita Corporation
Interior Designer Hiroyuki Tanaka Architectural Design Office
General Designer Collection of planning factory Co., Ltd.
Graphic Designer Daijiro Ohara (omomma) + Shinsuke Nakayama (LINER NOTES)
Planting 叢 - Qusamura
Art production Dr. Shunshun
Uniform design · production makerhood / Maker Hood (John Bull Co., Ltd.)
Book coordination READAN DEAT
Food and drink production (3rd floor) Kinoshita Shoten Co., Ltd.
Content planning Murakamijin (Locals only)
Tenant (membership office) CLS
Drink stand
Produced (1st floor)
Murakamijin (Locals only)
Construction Company Design Arc Inc.
FF & E design supervision seventh-code Inc.
Maruni Wood Works Co., Ltd.
Pocket Park
Pacific House Textile Co., Ltd.
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