【終了】6/12-7/11 小川武 個展「ruins」@GALLERY ROOM・A

Takeshi Ogawa's solo exhibition "ruins" will be held on the 1st floor STORAGE 1 at the commercial gallery "GALLERY ROOM A" of The Chain Museum, which operates the art platform "ArtSticker".


Session | June 12, 2021 (Sat) -July 11, 2021 (Sun) (Open throughout the session)
Address | KAIKA Tokyo by THE SHARE HOTELS (2-16-5 Honjo, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
Opening hours | 8: 00 ~ 23: 00
Viewing | Free

Takeshi Ogawa was born in 1984 in Chiba prefecture. From 2019, we will operate a foliage plant shop "Green Thanks supply" in Sumida-ku, Tokyo, which is a renovated old Nagaya. An artist who creates silkscreen works with plant motifs. Until now, Ogawa has captured the vitality of plants, but in this exhibition "ruins", we will discover new expressions for plants standing in the city. “'Ruins' are ubiquitous and forgotten. They are built as if they were alive,” says Ogawa. Is facing.

Sumida Ward, where KAIKA Tokyo is located, is also an area where various artists are developing unique activities by utilizing the cultural resources of the region. Enjoy the works of local artists who also run a foliage plant shop in Sumida Ward in the gallery space and the Answer Room.

The Chain Museum, which operates the art platform "ArtSticker", is a new commercial gallery jointly operated with independent curator Aoki Aoki. We will introduce various artists who are active in Japan and abroad regardless of age and genre, and will announce an artist's solo exhibition (ROOM).


"Experience in ART"
GALLERY ROOM ・ A is a place to experience "art" in various interpretations. What is the purchase of a work for? How do artists create a work? What effect does a work have for us? Let's explore the unknown value in use. At GALLERY ROOM ・ A, through appreciation and purchase of works, dialogue with artists, and accommodation programs, we will open up the possibility of healing people like a clinic at one time and learning at an academy at another time. I will. Aki Aoki (Independent Curator)

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