【終了】12/12-2/14 西山美なコ 個展「★PINK・Pink★」


Minako Nishiyama's solo exhibition "★ PINK ・ Pink ★" will be held on the 1st floor STORAGE 1.



Session | Saturday, December 12, 2020-Sunday, February 14, 2021
Venue|KAIKA Tokyo by THE SHARE HOTELS (2-15-6, Main Office, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)
Opening hours | 8: 00 ~ 24: 00

西山美なコは、1980年代後半から巨大な「リカちゃんハウス」を思わせる作品や宝塚の書き割り風の作品など、少女文化を援用した立体作品で注目を集めました。その後、砂糖や卵白といったお菓子の材料を用いて作った王冠やバラなど、儚く壊れやすい作品を制作し始めます。 本展では、90年代の少女漫画をモチーフとした東京では初展示となる大作と、「デ・ジェンダリズム-回帰する身体」(1997、世田谷美術館/東京)で発表された中から平面によるインスタレーション作品、そして、2000年代から砂糖で制作している《Sugar Roses》の新作などを展示致します。西山美なコの世界観を、断片的ではありますが体現出来る展示となるでしょう。


Author Profile

Minako Nishiyama

Born in Hyogo prefecture in 1965. Completed the sculpture major at the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Kyoto University of Arts in 1991. 1997 Stayed in New York with the support of the Asian Cultural Council. Joined Banff Creative Residency (Canada) in 2003. Currently living in Hyogo prefecture. From the latter half of the 1980s, after producing three-dimensional works using pulp and paper and cloth objects, "The Pink House" (1991) reminiscent of the huge "Licca-chan House" and Takarazuka's writing I made works that used girl culture, such as wind works. After that, in addition to fragile and fragile works using sugar such as crowns and roses, there are various media of expression such as wall painting and the reflex work series using light reflection.

In parallel with this exhibition, at Yoshimi Arts Storage Tokyo on the first basement floor of the hotel, "Dreaming Takarazuka Exhibition" (2004, Suntory Museum Tempozan / Osaka, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery / Tokyo, Sogo) from the early works of the 1980s. We will develop it in various media, from the masterpieces of the writing style exhibited at the Museum / Yokohama) to the time-lapsed Sugar Roses and the photographs produced in recent years (the first basement floor can only be viewed by guests).

Details of this exhibition can be found on the Yoshimi Arts website.

1992 Acrylic paint, silk screen, panel 180 x 120 cm each
<"Minako Nishiyama 90's ★ Glittering Omeme ★" (2018, Yoshimi Arts / Osaka) Exhibition scenery>
cMinako Nishiyama, courtesy of Yoshimi Arts, photo by Kiyotoshi Takashima

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