[End] Yuki Saito's solo exhibition "I'm right next to you"


During the period, not only guests staying at the hotel but also open to the public on weekends, so we look forward to your visit at this opportunity.


Venue: HakoBA Hakodate 23-9 Suehirocho, Hakodate 040-0053 TEL 0138-27-5858

Time: Open to the public Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 15:00 to 20:00 (Last entry 19:30) Free admission

Please accept at the front desk.

* We do not have a private parking lot, so please use public transportation or nearby coin parking.

* Please cooperate in disinfecting your hands and wearing a mask to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.


The feminine brush strokes based on blue will heal the viewer.

Nowadays, I can't go far, and I think there are more and more moments when I'm surprised by the beauty of the flowers and trees on the roadside.
We are exhibiting such works that give us an opportunity to look at the lovely and beautiful things that are right next to us.

Born in Sapporo in 1985
2008 Graduated from Hokkaido Kyoiku University Sapporo School Art Culture Course Art Course Oil Laboratory
2010 Completed the Graduate School of Education, Hokkaido Kyoiku University, Department of Subject Education, Department of Art Education (Western Painting)
Currently based in Sapporo

● Collection of works
2014 One oil painting installed (Miyanomori Sekiguchi Osteopathic Institute)
2015 6 oil paintings installed (Foganji, Sapporo Betsuin, main hall, funeral hall)
2015 29 oil paintings installed (Wisteria Otaru Inaho 1st floor corridor / elevator hall)
2017 5 oil paintings (Sapporo Guesthouse The stay sapporo)

● Group exhibition / solo exhibition
2006-2015 Road Exhibition Selected (Sapporo Citizen's Gallery)
2005-2009 July Exhibition (Sapporo Citizen's Gallery)
2006-2009 Oil Exhibition Oil Painting Laboratory Exhibition (Continental Gallery)

Sapporo Art Stage 2008 500m Museum '08 (Subway Odori Station Concourse)
Hokkaido Kyoiku University Sapporo School Art and Culture Course Art Course Graduation Exhibition (Sapporo Clock Tower Gallery)

Connected air Yuki Saito x Ayumi Sato (Continental Gallery)
Selected for the Tea Hall Homura Gallery Grand Prize Exhibition (Tea Hall Homura Gallery)
Hokkaido University of Education Iwamizawa School Art Course Student Exhibition Creation for Tomorrow (Iwamizawa City Painting Hall)

Hokkaido Kyoiku University Graduate School of Education (Sapporo School / Iwamizawa School) Department of Education, Art / Japanese (Calligraphy) Education Completion Exhibition (Sapporo Clock Tower Gallery)
Michi Exhibition 85th Anniversary Project Michi Exhibition New Exhibition Clock Tower Gallery Award Winner (Sapporo Clock Tower Gallery)

Michi Exhibition New Exhibition Winners Exhibition (Sapporo Clock Tower Gallery)
Atelier Beehive Exhibition 2011 (Hokusen Gallery ivory)

year 2012
Between the stars and dreams Yuki Saito solo exhibition (Gallery newstar)
Atelier Beehive Exhibition 2012 (Tea Corridor Homura Gallery)
PRAY Photography and Art (Leaflet Muse)
Seiwa Art Fes (former Horokanai Municipal Seiwa Elementary School)

Batch Market vol.1 (Coworking Cafe 36)
Atelier Beehive Exhibition 2013 (Tea Corridor Homura Gallery)
NEVER MIND THE BOOKS 2013 (Sapporo Iwasa Building 1F)
Batch Market vol.2 in Poplar (Sapporo City Poplar Youth Activity Center)
+ P8 (4th floor, 4pla hall, 4pla)
Seiwa Art Fes 2013 (former Horokanai Municipal Seiwa Elementary School)
4th Rokka File (Rokka Bunko) ≪Exhibited until September 30, 2014≫
88th Road Exhibition (Sapporo Citizen's Gallery)
The 2nd Suifuyo Art Exhibition (Gallery Suifuyo)

Atelier Beehive Exhibition 2014 (Tea Corridor Homura Gallery / Goods Homura)
HOKKAIDO CREATORS MARKET (Tokyu Hands Sapporo store)
Small work consignment sale (Miyanomori Sekiguchi Osteopathic Institute) ≪June 2014 ~ ≫
+ P9 (4th floor, 4pla hall, 4pla)
North T-shirt design exhibition I want to wear (Nakasatsunai Art Village)
Seiwa Art Fes 2014 (former Horokanai Municipal Seiwa Elementary School)
Yuki Saito solo exhibition Sky collection (Rokkatei Fukuzumi coffee shop)
89th Road Exhibition (Sapporo Citizen's Gallery)
be × chestnut atelier Beehive (Hands be Sapporo Stellar Place store)
Brooch work consignment sale (MIRAI.ST cafe)
Play Project vol.4 (Hokkaido University of Education Iwamizawa School)

NINE-S (Asahikawa City Citizen Activity Exchange Center COCODE)
Play Project vol.5 (Hokkaido University of Education Iwamizawa)
HOKKAIDO PRODUCTS Atelier Beehive's work in my room (Tokyu Hands Sapporo store)
Atelier Beehive Exhibition 2015 (Tea Corridor Homura)
Batch market THANKS GIVING! (MIRAI.ST cafe)
+ P10 (4th floor, 4pla hall, 4pla)
Seiwa Art Fes 2015 (former Horokanai Municipal Seiwa Elementary School)
90th Memorial Road Exhibition (Sapporo Citizen's Gallery)

HOKKAIDO EXHIBITION2016 Loop-spin off- (Gallery Tapio)
Atelier Beehive Exhibition 2016 (Tea Corridor Homura)
1st Wall Ten (Cafe Hokutokan Gallery)
Yuki Saito Solo Exhibition: Swim like Petals (Hokkaido Kyoiku University Arts & Sports Culture Complex HUG)

New Point vol.14 (Saito Gallery)
Atelier Beehive Exhibition 2017 (Tea Corridor Homura)
2nd Wall Ten (Cafe Hokutokan Gallery)

New Point vol.15 (Saito Gallery)
Fuyumi (Marui Imai Sapporo Main Store Ichijokan)
Atelier Beehive Exhibition 2018 (Tea Corridor Homura)


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