Breakfast 7: 00-9: 30 (Lo.9: 00) * No regular holidays
Lunch time 11: 30-14: 30 (Food Lo.14: 00)
Supper time 17: 00-22: 30 (Lo.22: 00)
Regular holiday Every Wednesday, 2nd Tuesday
(If the regular holiday is the day before or a national holiday, we will be open.)
* Business hours are subject to change.


TEL 0138 84 8081

TEL 0138 84 8081

We offer dishes using Sangen pork from Mt. Minamikoma, including the famous ratna rice, and Danish beer "Carlsberg" poured by the title PSA (Perfect Serve Ambassador), which is given only to stores that have cleared strict standards. .. It can be used in a variety of situations, from small snacks and sake to a solid dinner.


Business hours: 7: 00-9: 30 (Lo.9: 00)

<Breakfast price> 1,200 yen (tax included)
* Reservation required by the day before
We offer a colorful Western set menu using vegetables from the suburbs of Hakodate, such as carefully grilled teriyaki chicken and caprese finished with homemade basil sauce, along with the original blended coffee of the local long-established coffee shop "Coffee Roasting Studio Misuzu". I will.

・ Slowly grilled homemade teriyaki chicken
・ Caprese with homemade basil sauce using Italian mozzarella cheese
・ Escabeche of white fish
・ Smoked duck meat
・ Colorful salad using fresh vegetables
・ Original blended coffee from "Coffee Roasting Studio Misuzu"
・ Two kinds of bread procured from a local workshop
・ Daily soup
・ Various soft drinks

* The menu is an example. Please note that the contents may change depending on the day.

Lunch time menu (tax included)

Lunch time 12: 00-14: 30 (Food Lo.14: 00)

Ratna rice of Sangen pork from Mt. Minamikoma: 1,380 yen
Hamburger plate: 1,180 yen
Lunch pizza set: 1,080 yen (You can choose from 2 types of the day.)

For lunch, all sets will have a drink bar.

Along with the fresh ingredients of Hakodate, we have a wide variety of drinks, including super carbonated highball poured from the supercarbonator ZEUS, about 30 types of red and white wine and sparkling wine.

Dinner time (tax included)

Supper time 17: 00-22: 30 (Lo.22: 00)

Appetizer platter 1,380 yen
6 types of Italian cheese salad Regular size 1,100 yen
Rosemary sauteed Sangen pork loin from Mt. Minamikoma, Donan 1,280 yen
Ratna rice of Sangen pork from Mt. Minamikoma, Donan 1,380 yen
Honey Gorgonzola Pizza 960 yen
Ahijo of clams 1,080 yen
Ratna's special tiramisu 680 yen


Funky lemonade 550 yen
Carlsberg Tumbler 590 yen
Ratna's Sangria 650 yen
Fruit jar cocktail with plenty of raw fruits 670 yen
Various wine glasses
700 yen ~
From 3,800 yen


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